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magnificent magical miracoulus


- gives you a transcendental experience,
- channels information to you,
- helps you find answers to your questions,
- helps you to get a view in your life path,
- helps you raise your consciousness,
- makes your meditation deeper,

What can it be used for and how does it work?

One of the main benefits of Chacrys Crystal Bed is that the therapy gives you a unique transcendental experience, which is a deep spiritual journey inside you. Attending a session with the right intention can be a catalyst to change your life, reach a higher level consciousness or even find your life path. This process happens thanks to the kabbalah shaped quartz crystals, which allow light to pass through them, so that they transfer the crystals vibration in a focused round point to your seven chakras.
Crystal Ebook

Unlock a decade's worth of expertise in Vogel crystal mastery and the development of the Crystal bed. Claim your free eBook to explore the secrets and enrich your understanding.

This book offers insights on:

- Enhancing your daily life with a single crystal

- Utilizing crystals for healing practices

- Attaining directions, protection, and guidance as needed

- Transmitting the purest vibrations from crystals

- Exploring techniques with a handheld crystal light device

- Comprehensive knowledge on the Crystal bed

Plus, many more invaluable lessons.


Chacrys story

If you desire something deeply in your heart, you should stick to it, no matter what: the universe will come and help you.

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