How to get the most out of your Crystal Bed session

Well, if you are able to lie under the crystal lights for a full 30 minutes and calm your mind enough to stop constantly generating new thoughts, that would be ideal, but let’s be honest: most of us can’t manage this for even 10 minutes.

According to Marcel Vogel’s research, our breathing is a polarity. The inhalation contains negative charge and exhalation a positive charge, and this transfers energy from us to our surroundings. So, when we are lying under the crystal lights, the electromagnetic field around us (or our aura) is being filled with the energy of our thoughts and feelings by our breathing. This affects pretty much the whole process because the crystals above us are taking the charge from the electromagnetic field around us (our aura) and forwarding an amplified energy to our chakras, so actually whatever kind of feeling, mood and thoughts we create during the session can influence the entire process.

To support this, we did 2 tests:

- For the first test we decided to try to generate negative and sad thoughts by thinking about a family member who had died, and how much we missed them. A few minutes after thinking about them, we started to feel the sensation of our limbs getting numb.

- For the second test we wanted to create positive thoughts. To do this we helped ourselves out by listening to some motivation speeches and within a few minutes we noticed that we had goose-bumps all over our body.

These two simple tests, combined with our years of experience, just solidify our beliefs that the best results happen if we set our intention for the session. What do we mean by setting our intention? Well, ii can be different for everyone but the most common intentions are when people ask how to find a solution for a specific life situation, universal guidance, higher consciousness, deeper understanding, or just an answer to a question they might have. Whatever your intent is, the only person who can formulate it is you. Only you know what is deep in your heart, so next time when you are about to lie under the crystals listen to that voice deep inside you and set your intent according to it, and you will be amazed by what will happen next. 


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