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The energy transferring capacity of crystals has been known for centuries. The products of Chacrys, the Crystal Bed (Crystal therapy) and the Chacrys Mini, uniquely bring the vibrations of Vogel crystals, light and wood together.

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Once someone said that there is only one decision you've got to make, which separates you from a completely new life. Well, it's easy to say, but if you take a look around, there are a lot of people who have already made that decision. The things that often seem unknown to you are often not so much unknown but they are rather there to be explored, and that by you. For spiritual people and those who listen to their inner self being in the state of mind of waiting for something is often an opportunity for change and for starting something new and getting to known the unknown. This is especially true for those who work as therapists and are looking for something new to offer their patients. If you are also one who's waiting for something new, crystal therapy might be the path you want to step on.

Experience crystal therapy and pass it on

It was the Greeks who called colorless, transparent rock crystal kristallos, which meant ice, because they thought that there was frozen water from the Alps in them. The name already suggests the incredible power of this natural beauty. If crystals are used for the good purpose of helping others and filling them up with energy, you will work with a unique mineral, which can connect different dimensions and create harmony in the functioning of chakras. For therapists it's worth choosing a device that multiplies the power of crystals. You might have already heard about crystal beds. Chacrys is made of wood.  With its sophisticated design the Crystal Bed creates harmony between body and soul.  Our new product, the Chacrys Mini has the same features and it provides all the beneficial effects of using a crystal bed.

Crystal, colors, vibrations, energy - a device that has them all

The heart of Chacrys devices is a Vogel crystal polished into a unique shape. As Marcel Vogel said, crystals are precise sensors that get filled up with what is emitted. Crystals are able to connect the material and spiritual world, so by creating harmony they are also able to fix imbalances in the chakras, which are responsible for the energy flow in our body. Marcel Vogel's personal life story also proves that a single decision can open up new opportunities and lead to a completely new life. Vogel was working for a successful IT business when he developed his interest in minerals, started to study them and became an expert.  He did research into the resonance of crystals and also justified the outcome of his studies by conducting measurements. Crystal beds contain seven crystals, just like the number of chakras in the body.  The shape of the crystals is similar to the shape of the Kabbalah tree of life, and the light passing through them corresponds to the individual chakras. The Chacrys Mini is made of oak and it frames a 12-sided crystal, which can transmit the seven colors of the chakras and white light too. Chacrys Mini can be used to stimulate the meridian and the reflex zones as well.  It is delivered in a stylish wooden box.  With its Lithium-ion battery it can be used for up to 4 hours at one charge.

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Chacrys devices are also unique in the way they are made. If you buy a Chacrys Crystal Bed to use in your business, you can be sure that it has been made with great care:  all our products, including the Chacrys Mini, are hand-made.  They are made of pine, which is easy to process but durable, and of crystals that were cut and polished strictly according to Vogel's instructions. A unique feature of the beds is also that no metal parts are used in them: they would feel cold.  In our devices we blend modern technology with ancient knowledge.  The built-in control panel enables the user to start personalized therapy sessions, and to choose a 30-minute and a 45-minute program. All colored lights can be turned on at the same time or one after another for different periods of time.

Chacrys Crystal Beds will give your clients the most unique crystal therapy experience.  The energy from rock crystals creates harmony within all chakras, relieves mental blocks, and deepens our meditations, which help us to get to know our innermost selves, to gain insight into the mental causes of our illnesses and the secrets of our journey through life. We made Chacrys Mini for those who would like to enjoy the freedom of being able to use Chacrys any time and anywhere and are too busy to visit their therapist, or like to meditate outdoors.

Those who open up their chakras to the light, open up their thoughts and feelings too. Positive and pleasant thoughts charge the crystals with positive energy, which will be transferred back to the body multiplied.

So what did the quotation say about a completely new life? Now it's your turn to make your decision.


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