The power of LOVE (by Marcel Vogel)

I would like to discuss the most profound force in nature, namely, the power of love ITSELF.  When we love, we bring order, balance and coherence onto whatever we focus our mind. The power of love is not electromagnetic, but informational. It lifts us up so that we can function at a higher level of being. Christ came two thousand years ago to tell us, among many things, that we should love our neighbors as our self. In all of the years since time of Christ's preaching, it has been given that we should love one another. But truly, what is love? 
Is it possible for us to begin to analyze and quantify this force and give it its proper position and acknowledgment in the hierarchy of the forces of nature? P.R.I. is devoted to a careful, serious investigation of this very question: What is love?

We have found, by trial and experimentation, that the cutting of quartz crystal in a special double-terminated form will give to this shape geometry the capacity to store that force we call love. This crystal then becomes a transducer and amplifier for this force and can then be directed by an act of will to another individual or to matter. 

As the field or force has no dimension, it is only when it moves that we can experience and observe a magnetic field surrounding the crystal (as measured with the gaussmeter), in which the thought of love has been imprinted. The transfer of this thought of love in the crystal to matter occurred to me in 1984. I thought that if i were to spin a fluid around a crystal, I might be able to transfer this force, or information, to the fluid. We did this and, to our great joy and surprise, the water we used changed in taste and exhibited a small, but significant change in pH. This started our research. 

We brought infrared and ultraviolet spectrophotometers  on board and did the spectrophotometry of the water and discovered a new state to the water which I call a lyotropic mesophase a transfer of the energy of love to the water. This water now has been "structured".

We persisted for years in this endeavor until we came to Phase 3, the structuring  of wines. I built a larger apparatus and began structuring wine from the Sycamore Creek Winery in Morgan Hill, California, with the  thought of love imbued into the crystal. We found that the number of times the wine passed around the crystal was critical in the determination of the optimal information transfer to the wine. The abrupt change in the quality of the wine was immediately noticeable.

This change was permanent and gave the quality to the wine of being an aged and finished wine. Thousands of gallons were finished and sold. Eleven awards were given to these wines in California wine competitions.

We found we could also treat fruit juices, such as apple, grapefruit and orange. When the proper conditions were applied to this structuring, namely the proper field of love applied to the crystal, and the juice was spun around the crystal, the juice now was enhanced in flavor. In addition, the juice exhibited a resistance to fungus, bacteria, and deterioration normally experienced when left out at room temperature. I have one sample which has been on our shelf for 6 months. The control has deteriorated and the treated sample is still palatable. This opens a whole new field for the preservation of food. Can it not mean as well that when we love ourself  and give to our own  being that volume of love our body requires that disease as we think of it, will not attack this body? How can we measure this energy of love? By the same token of the crystal, where we  imprint it with our thought. We have in our laboratory, the Omega 5, which can give numerical value to that subtle force which is contained within that crystal. We can now begin to measure the magnetic field that emanates from a crystal charged with love. So, not only can we observe with an unconventional instrument, but also with a normal tool of science, a gaussmeter.

As I said in the beginning, the act of loving brings order, balance and coherence into that body to which that love is directed. We have observed this to be true when we have been able to direct it from a crystal to fluidic materials, such as wine and juices, and we have observed remarkable changes that have taken place in these materials. Love is a necessary food that we all need, not only for ourself, but for the good of our families, the balance of our nation and the stability of the world as a whole. Contrast what I am saying to you now to the conflicts that are going on throughout the world. If we started to truly love one another, there would be no war. We would then have peace on earth and good will to all humankind.


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