The healing power of crystals!

The pure beauty of crystals and their healing power, crystal healing amazed people even before they could explain the specific nature of these natural formations. People believed in the healing power of beautiful crystals. They touched them with joy and wore them proudly. Crystals are depicted in the mind of most people as nice rocks. They are right to some extent, since a lot of widely-known precious stones and semi-precious stones are crystals. In dry, scientific language crystals can be defined as Earth's solid materials. In mineralogy crystals are defined as solids in which the atoms, molecules or ions are arranged in an ordered structure. However, if we look at them from a perspective that is different from the one of the material world, crystals are not only solid and beautiful. Thanks to their perfect structure, crystals resonate at a stable frequency. Crystal healing has been built on this beneficial effect since ancient times.

What we use in Chacrys and Crystal healing

flower of life
The arrangement of atoms in crystals, their vibration is identical to the sacred geometry symbol, the flower of life, which shows the perfection of creation in a geometric structure. In our devices light beams go through these crystals and take the vibrations of this perfect structure on. 
The illustration shows the incredible similarity between the structure of the flower of life and the division of healthy cells.

Amulets, talismans, powdered crystals

Healing with crystals is as old as mankind. Several crystals were already used and worn in Egypt to cure and for health protection purposes. Ancient Greeks were the masters of crystal healing. The fact that the name of most crystals is of Greek origin also proves this. The word crystal derives from an Ancient Greek word as well. Greeks thought that the beautifully transparent crystals were petrified ice (crystallos) and named the formations accordingly. These kinds of ideas and earthly pleasures were equally acceptable and popular in ancient Greece, where, for example, the word amethyst meant not drunk, since people were recommended to wear an Amethyst amulet (pendant) to prevent hangovers.  
  Crystals were equally important in ancient China, where the emerald jade was the most popular and the most precious one. They were also used in the imperial jewellery. The Chinese also knew about the beneficial effect of jade crystals on kidneys and the bladder. The crystal healing effects of most crystals were already known in these ancient cultures. Malachite, jade, lazulite, carnelian, ruby, smoky quartz, amber and shale are all crystals that were already known in ancient times. All of them vibrate at a special frequency and thereby have a therapeutic effect. It might seem funny for us today, but in addition to touching and wearing crystals, their consumption in powdered form was also part of ancient crystal therapy (crystal healing).

Crystals, chakras, kings

Our body and our soul are equally able to take in the strong and unique vibration of crystals. This is the fundamental idea behind crystal therapy. Crystals have a beneficial effect on our mental state and can ease and cure different symptoms and diseases. Crystals are also traditionally known to be able to restore the energy flow in chakras, which are the link between the material and spiritual world. Different crystals also correspond to different astrological signs.  The wearing of amulets, talismans and other pieces of jewellery with crystals can also be considered as crystal therapy. The crystals and precious stones on the crowns and crown jewels of monarchs also had special power. They gave power and wisdom to the person wearing them and also protected them. For example, the Hungarian royal sceptre is also a masterpiece: it contains a solid rock crystal ball decorated with engraved lions. And this brings us to rock crystals with all of their unique features. Rock crystal could be called the crystal of kings as well, or rather the other way around...

Rock crystal - the king of crystals

Rock crystal is the pure, transparent version of quartz used as a precious stone. It consists of pure silicic acid, but does not naturally occur in pure form only. There are semi-transparent, not fully crystallized rock crystals called milky quartz. Rutilated quartz is quartz with golden yellow hair- or straw-like fibres in it. Iris or rainbow quartz has a distinctive rainbow colour due to the thin layers of air in the cracks in it. The most beautiful rock crystals can be found in the Alps or in Brazil. The purest, most precious colourless rock crystals that are free from cracks and inclusions come from the Brazilian state of Goiás. crystal healingIncredible Crystal Cave in Mexico LINK

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