How does the Chacrys Mini work?

Chacrys Mini provides all the beneficial effects of a crystal bed

Since it is small it is easier to handle: it has been designed for home use. You won’t have to do without crystal therapy even if you are exhausted after a long tiring day. The device is made of oak and it frames a 12-sided crystal. Chacrys MINI

How does the Chacrys Mini work?

The Vogel crystal can transmit the seven colors of the chakras as well as white. The device has two functions: either it is permanently lit or it is pulsating, depending on which form of treatment you want to apply. Chacrys Mini can be used with all chakras, meridians and reflex points. We deliver the crystal embedded in an oak frame in a stylish wooden box. With its Lithium-ion battery it can be used for up to 4 hours at one charge. Chacrys devices preserve and advance the tradition of crystal healing. They utilise ancient knowledge in a unique way and combine it with the benefits of modern technology. There are seven precisely polished Vogel crystals in each Chacrys crystal bed, which correspond to the well-known seven chakras. The crystals embedded in a wooden frame hanging above the massage bed emit coloured light corresponding to the individual chakras. The rock crystals transfer our vibrations back multiplied. Chacrys therapy can be customized to individual needs thanks to its electronics and software. The treatment can be applied to a single chakra or to all of them at the same time. Chakra beds can be used to stimulate the meridian and reflex zones as well. We can get into a relaxed, tranquil state of mind very easily with Chacrys. Would you like to live in harmony with yourself? Would like to relax and meditate? Do you have a concrete physical or mental problem and would like to experience the healing power of rock crystals? Would you like to see for yourself how ancient therapy and modern technology go hand in hand? Would you like to show it to others?

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