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Chacrys Crystal Bed VS Other Crystal Beds

Chacrys Crystal Bed VS Other Crystal Beds: A Comprehensive Comparison..

Heart chakra - The Gateway to Love

Opening and balancing the heart chakra involves cultivating love and compassion towards oneself and others. ..

Marcel Vogels transformation from Rationality to Spirituality

Marcel Vogel's intention was clear – to replace mysticism with knowledge, fostering a loving and informed approach to healing. ..

How to get the most out of your Crystal Bed session

Well, if you are able to lie under the crystal lights for a full 30 minutes and calm your mind enough to stop constantly generating new thoughts...

Crystal bed basics
The Basics of a Crystal Bed

 Most people think the Crystal bed is la type of light therapy or colour therapy, but that is not totally accurate...

Vogel crystal
How to use your Vogel crystal

Putting it all together By Marcel Vogel..

The power of LOVE (by Marcel Vogel)

I would like to discuss the most profound force in nature, namely, the power of love ITSELF...

How does the Chacrys Mini work?

Chacrys Mini provides all the beneficial effects of a crystal bed..

Take the unique and remarkable crystal therapy journey!

The energy transferring capacity of crystals has been known for centuries. The products of Chacrys, the Crystal Bed (Crystal therapy) and the Chacrys Mini, uniquely bring the vibrations of Vogel crystals, light and wood together...