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How does the Chacrys Mini work?

Chacrys Mini provides all the beneficial effects of a crystal bed..

Take the unique and remarkable crystal therapy journey!

The energy transferring capacity of crystals has been known for centuries. The products of Chacrys, the Crystal Bed (Crystal therapy) and the Chacrys Mini, uniquely bring the vibrations of Vogel crystals, light and wood together...

The healing power of crystals!

The pure beauty of crystals and their healing power, crystal healing amazed people even before they could explain the specific nature of these natural formations. People believed in the healing power of beautiful crystals. They touched them with joy and wore them proudly...

The unique Vogel Crystal

Vogel crystals are precise sensors, which are charged from the emitter body, and then recharge living organisms and regulate the flow of energy in them...

What will I feel when I use the crystal bed for the first time?

What will I feel when I use the crystal bed for the first time?..

Seven Chakra and our inner world

If you consider yourself spiritual, you certainly often use the word chakra. But do you also know what it really means, or how seven chakra is connected to colours and crystals?..

5 Proven Strategies to Feel Closer to Nature

You are living a busy life locked away in an office far away from nature. Your yearly vacation can’t come fast enough. Right now you are stressed...

Want to Open Your Chakras? Try These 9 Techniques!

You want to be thriving, but instead, you are just juggling life and feel far from your optimal level...


CHAKRAS – energy flows in the body..