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Mária Molnár Mária Molnár

„I’ve been dealing with pranic healing for years. I wanted to open a massage business in a small town on the German-Dutch border. When I got to know about Chacrys I knew it would lend my facility unique added value. I was right: all my clients love Chacrys. Once I cut my finger badly, and the bleeding would not stop. Nothing helped. Then I placed my finger under the crystal, which definitely helped. I had only 15 minutes until my next client would arrive, but the crystal solved it. ”

Zsolt Márton Zsolt Márton

„I got to know about crystal beds when I visited John of God in Brasil, so when I found Chacrys, I placed an order immediately since I had already experienced its benefits personally. It has been proving very useful and efficient in the treatment of my clients. One of my clients was diagnosed with PCO and had difficulties with periods. Her menstrual period started the night following the first crystal treatment. My client was also about to undergo gynaecological surgery, but it became unnecessary after the tenth crystal bed therapy session since her test was negative.”

Beáta Márton Beáta Márton

„I deal with alternative medicine. I continuously develop my knowledge and skills. I specialise in magnet therapy and hypnotherapy. Having known about the power of crystals, I knew that Chacrys would make my sessions even more efficient. When using hypnotherapy I could get my clients to alpha level of mind in much shorter time. When I meditated I could feel that my third eye opened, which was a very strong experience for me. ”

Szabolcs Tálas Szabolcs Tálas

„I had been thinking how I could make a device with crystals and hang it above my massage bed for a while when I found out about Chacrys. I knew at once that I had been looking for exactly the same thing, and I bought one immediately. I cannot even describe the innumerable benefits Chacrys has given me and my patients. It helped me release a blockage in my root chakra that I’d had trouble with for long. My health improved and my blood sugar level is normal now.”

János Iván János Iván

I had double spinal hernia. I felt severe pain in my spine during the first five therapy sessions, but during the sixth one it warmed the painful area, and the pain was also gone. The true moment of joy came when I could do my everyday household chores with much less pain again. I’ve been using Chacrys regularly since then, and I can tell you: I feel well in my skin.

Ildikó Kocsondi Ildikó Kocsondi

I’ve been dealing with crystals for many years and that’s how I found out about the Chacrys crystal bed. I bought one to use it at home. I use it every day to fill up with energy after work. My dogs have also developed a special attitude towards the crystal bed: They never lie on the same bed together, but when I turn the crystal bed on, they immediately cuddle up together under the crystals.

Joe Szabo Joe Szabo

I used to have prostate problems, which made especially my nights difficult. I woke up three times each night. That was when I started to attend therapy sessions, especially in the evenings, and now my problem is gone. I’ve been using the Chacrys crystal bed three times a week since then.

Edina Liszka Edina Liszka

I have a sedentary job, so I always have back problems. I have already tried a lot of natural methods to get rid of it, but nothing has proved to be as good as Chacrys Mini. It warms the painful area completely and the pain eases. So since I bought Chacrys, I always turn to crystal therapy when my back hurts.

Erzsebet Haak Erzsebet Haak

I’ve always been extremely weather sensitive, so I often have headaches. I used to take a lot of painkillers, but since I bought a Chacrys Mini device, the green light has been helping me a lot. My husband always helps me use it. Thanks to the rock crystal energy and the green light my headaches are always gone in just two minutes. Big thanks to the Chacrys team.