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Who is it recommended for

Anyone who believes in spiritual treatment and feels positive about it can enjoy the beneficial effects of rock crystals. No matter whether you are 20 or 80, if you have a desire to live with yourself and the world in harmony, crystal therapy will help you in reaching this state of mind.

If you:
  • feel exhausted,
  • have experienced stress lately,
  • want to stay healthy,
  • are ill and would like more efficient recovery,
  • would like to relax and meditate,
  • would like to be more successful at work, learning or in your private life,

he idea of using crystal therapy in therapeutics comes from John of God, the healer. He recognized the power of rock crystals and has been using them successfully for therapeutic purposes. Hundreds of thousands of people see him in order to get help in their spiritual regeneration. So the method works, and you can also experience it. We have developed Chacrys Mini so that you can enjoy the healing power of crystals even in your home. The Chacrys crystal bed is recommended for use by therapists and in healing and wellness resorts. For use in your home we recommend the Chacrys Mini.

chacrys mini
Wellnes Wellness

If you would like to widen your range of services with one that provides a unique experience for your customers, choose a crystal therapy device, choose a crystal bed. With the right combination of light and rock crystals your customers will fill up with energy as nowhere else.

At home At home

The Chacrys crystal and light therapy device can be perfectly used at home as well. With its design and material it looks like a high quality piece of furniture. It is easy to assemble and disassemble so it is easy to store.

For therapists For therapists

It perfectly combines with other forms of therapy. With its uniqueness it is perfect to offer something extra, or to start your career as a therapist that you have been considering for so long.