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Vogel crystals are precise sensors, which are charged from the emitter body, and then recharge living organisms and regulate the flow of energy in them. It gives a Vogel Crystaltherapy. Vogel crystals are pure, natural rock crystals cut and polished in a special way. They got their name from their developer, Dr. Marcel Vogel. The scientist, who died in 1991, was a developer in one of the most renowned global IT businesses for 27 years. There are several important developments that can be associated with his name, such as the liquid crystal display. In his research activities he primarily focused on the characteristics of quartz crystals. He also justified the outcome of his studies by conducting measurements.
Marcel Vogel
Vogel crystal
Marcel Vogel
He found that rock crystals amplify the thoughts and feelings of those who touch them (the emitters) and eventually they bring them to a completely different state of mind. He continued his research even after he had quit his job, but at that time he primarily focused on healing. He founded his own institute in order to conduct research into the healing effects of crystals. He knew exactly that illnesses originate in the etheric body, so his goal was to utilise the vibrations of crystals to restore energy flow in the body. The result of his research was the now world-famous 12-sided Vogel crystal. He was inspired by the Tree of Life symbol in the Kabbalah when he designed the shape of his crystals. The sides are polished into a 51-degree angle, which is equal to the angle of the Pyramids of Giza. The connection with ancient Egypt and the pyramids is not accidental: the sarcophagi found in some pyramids also have crystals on them. Vogel crystals, these exceptional pieces of work, fully fit the purpose they are intended for. They are precise sensors, which are charged from the emitter body, and then recharge living organisms and regulate the flow of energy in them. Vogel Crystal Vogel Crystal therapy


Thus, healing Vogel crystals, complying with strict standards in all respects, collect and pass on energy. Chacrys crystal beds utilise this special quality. Our crystal beds are unique in the way that they are the first ones to be made of wood. crystal bed lights Chacrys devices preserve and advance the tradition of crystal healing. They utilise ancient knowledge in a unique way and combine it with the benefits of modern technology. There are seven precisely polished Vogel crystals in each Chacrys crystal bed, which correspond to the well-known seven chakras (Vogel Crystal therapy). The crystals embedded in a wooden frame hanging above the massage bed emit coloured light corresponding to the individual chakras. The rock crystals transfer our vibrations back multiplied. Chacrys therapy which is Vogel Crystal therapy can be customized to individual needs thanks to its electronics and software. The treatment can be applied to a single chakra or to all of them at the same time. Chakra beds can be used to stimulate the meridian and reflex zones as well. We can get into a relaxed, tranquil state of mind very easily with Chacrys. Would you like to live in harmony with yourself? Would like to relax and meditate? Do you have a concrete physical or mental problem and would like to experience the healing power of rock crystals? Would you like to see for yourself how ancient therapy and modern technology go hand in hand? Would you like to show it to others?

Experience the healing power of crystals with Chacrys crystal beds!

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