What will I feel when I use the crystal bed for the first time?

A lot of people ask what they will feel before they use the Crystal Bed for the first time. Warmth? Chill? A pleasant tingling sensation? What we can say for sure is that everyone's first experience with the Crystal Bed is individual and unique. On April 1 more than 80 people could give it a try. The accounts we heard show that the first Chacrys experience varies greatly with individuals.

Some of the accounts - Chacrys experience:

Thanks a lot for the extraordinary, concentrated energy treatment. I could feel my body getting rid of toxins, and my chakras starting to work properly and turning again in beautiful colours. I was relaxed, calm and peaceful.  All tension was gone. Thanks again. I felt a pleasant tingling against my head and throat. I could breathe freely again because my airways had been constantly blocked due to an infectious disease. I got full of energy during Chacrys therapy.  It was very pleasant. Though the pain became more intense in the problematic areas, in all it was a completely regenerating, soothing feeling, peace, tranquillity and harmony. Thank you. I'm a bit sceptical about these sorts of therapies, but this one had a positive effect on me, on my body. I felt warmth. It was a pleasant feeling. Thank you for the opportunity. Crystal Academy After 6 hours of driving I arrived dog-tired, which was gone after the therapy. I even fell asleep and when I woke up I could feel that my forehead had gone completely numb. I'm happy that I gave it a try. I had a slight headache, which was gone at the end of the session. It took me so deep that I could hardly move. I could feel exactly where the effect was more intensive in my body. Thank you. I got into a very deep, calm state and harmony in a relatively short time. I felt pleasant warmth. Thank you. It was very good for my back pain. I have a spine problem. By the end of the session I had got into a relaxed state. I really loved Chacrys experience It's amazingly relaxing. A subtle feeling of well-being.  You can feel the smooth flow of energy even after a few minutes. Crystals do know where and how they need to work! Thank you for the opportunity. chacrys experience The energy flow is obvious.  It goes to the spot where it's needed the most. Warmth, tingling and a subtle pain show you the problematic areas. Thanks for letting us try. It's a miracle. I could feel everything everywhere very well. It was a very pleasant Chacrys experience. I could feel where the problematic areas were, but only for a short time. It was basically a deep, relaxed state of mind, which led to meditation. Colours, snapshots, crystals came. The whole thing was a very pleasant experience. I'M VERY GRATEFUL. ☼ It was great. I had a feeling as if I was flying. At some points I could feel my aura. It was as if there were subtle vibrations all around me. It's hard to put it in words, but it was very pleasant. Thank you for the opportunity. Interview about crystal therapy with Zsuzsa Konya LINK

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