8 Crystal Therapy Methods You Need to Know About

Who doesn’t love crystals? They are not only beautiful, but have been used as amulets and talismans for health protection throughout history. Today they are being used by alternative health practitioners, energy healers, and people like you.Crystals are abundant in energetic qualities that can enhance your well-being. Learn more about the benefits of crystals and 8 fantastic methods to use them.

crystal grids


  • Stimulate and activate your energy
  • Balance your energy
  • Create mind-body-soul balance
  • Balance your chakras
  • Help you connect to your higher self and your intuition
  • Allows closeness to nature

You can see that crystals can bring an abundance of benefits to your life. But how can you use them in your everyday life? Learn about 8 powerful crystal therapy techniques that can improve your well-being.chacrys rose quartz

8 Crystal Therapy Methods You Need to Know About

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are crystals placed in a symmetrical pattern creating a grid. When you are making a grid, first make an intention, then pick crystals that align with this intention. If you are not sure which crystals to choose, you may refer to Feng Shi picking your colors and shapes. Using crystals to form the sacred geometry of a grid can transform the energy in a space and can help you manifest your intention quicker than by simply holding crystals.

Pocket Crystals

Carrying crystals with you in your pocket or your purse is a good idea to keep you connected to calming energy. You can pull them out at any time to center yourself or to remember your intention. Keeping crystals in your front pocket can support your root chakra helping you feel more grounded. Wearing crystal jewelry can bring you similar balance. Since your hands and wrists are connected to your meridian system, wearing rings and bracelets is a particularly good idea. You may choose crystals based on their colors or beneficial properties, or choose jewelry with crystals corresponding the color of your chakras.

Direct Attunement

Direct attunement is a wonderful way to interact with crystals and attune to their energy. All you have to do is to hold the crystal and attune to it. Make an intention and a conscious decision to be in alignment with the crystal’s energy. There is no wrong way to do this, just listen to your intuition. You can experience an immediate shift.

Crystals on Your Body

Putting crystals on your body can help you when opening and balancing your chakras. You can work with a specific chakra by choosing a crystal that benefits that specific chakra. You can also work with all of your chakras at the same time by placing crystals corresponding to each of your chakras on your body. This method can activate your energy in order to achieve balance, health, and well-being.

Crystals During Meditation

One of the best ways to slow down and to connect with the energy within and around you is through meditation. Holding crystals during your meditation practice can create a grounding and calming effect. By using crystals you can achieve a deeper state of meditation. You can also use crystals the same way during savasana at the end of your yoga practice. Don’t overthink it and choose crystals that you feel called to.

Crystals During Energy Healing

Some alternative health practitioners and energy healers use crystals during their practice. It is not unusual for reiki practitioners to combine their treatment with crystals to balance your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. Massage therapists, craniosacral therapists, and other body workers may ask their clients to hold crystals or place crystals underneath or below the bed to promote relaxation and well-being. Other practitioners specialize in crystal therapy placing crystals on your body to release stress, enhance relaxation, and promote energy balance.

Crystal Surgery

Crystal surgery is a new powerful method using crystals and stones to create changes in your energy field and energy body. Through this stimulation of energy, observable and positive changes can happen in your physical body. It is not an actual surgery and there are no cuts or blood, but instead the healer holds and uses crystals like surgical instruments. By using specific crystals, crystal surgery can create the balance your body needs for health and well-being.

Crystal Beds

Crystal beds are the most modern ways to use crystals for your well-being. They combine the natural healing powers of crystals and modern technology bringing you the most intensive crystal therapy possible. Using different colors corresponding to each chakra is an added benefit to balance your energy system and to create balance between your mind, body, and soul. Chacrys crystal beds are the only crystal beds made of wood and organic materials providing added natural benefits. Chacrys crystal beds can create an overall feeling of relaxation, calm, peace, harmony, clarity, health, and connection to your innermost self. Chacrys minis allow you to take crystal therapy with you anywhere you go.

Using these crystal therapy techniques regularly can create a positive change in your life overtime. Experiencing the power of intensive crystal therapy under our Chacrys beds can bring you deeper benefits than any other method. Chacrys help you feel more relaxed, centered, positive, balanced, confident, calmer, happier, and healthier. Experience it for yourself, try Chacrys today.crystalbed

What are your favorite crystals? What kind of benefits have crystals brought to your life? If you’ve tried Chacrys crystal beds or minis already, what kind of positive changes have your experienced in your well-being? Share your experiences with us, we would love to hear your stories.


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