Seven Chakra and our inner world

If you consider yourself spiritual, you certainly often use the word chakra. But do you also know what it really means, or how seven chakra is connected to colours and crystals? The word chakra means a spinning wheel or whirl in Ancient Sanskrit. The rounded shape can also be observed in Eastern cultures since the seven chakra are often shown in illustrations as coloured lotus-flowers. Chakras were first mentioned in the ancient Vedas of Hinduism. Though they can be found in our body, they largely differ from any of our organs. seven chakra

Visible and ethereal at the same time

The seven Chakras are particularly high-energy areas in our body. You can call them the subtle energy fields in the body, energy centres, energy vortexes, energy funnels, life mandalas, ethereal body vibration circles, the mental energy of the body or the core of the body. It is difficult to put it down what they are, since they are not visible or tangible. It should be added though that the chakras are not visible to the majority of people; however, clairvoyants have always been able to see them. The Western world has become more and more aware of the chakras only in the past one hundred years, and that mainly due to the growing popularity of yoga. The fact that we primarily tend to focus on the material world largely defines how we approach chakras as well. We desperately want to visualize, describe and explain them in spite of the fact that it is not really possible.

What is the role of chakras? 

Chakras are connected to the energy flowing in our etheric body. The energy whirls turn clockwise. The chakras are closely connected to our physical body as well. They are located along the spine, from its base to the crown. Energy flows between our seven chakra through the central energy channel in the spinal cord called Sushumna. The chakras are responsible for the absorption and distribution of energy. Energy comes in from the world surrounding us, from our close environment and from the cosmos. So chakras absorb energy and then distribute it to our organs and different parts of the body. If the smooth flow of energy is disrupted, the organs connected to individual chakras will get less or more energy than they should, and this can lead to either physical or mental disruptions or illnesses.

The seven chakra and what we know about them

Many believe that there are only seven chakra in our body, but there are many hundreds of them in fact. The seven major chakras are indeed more well-known than the rest of them. chakra harmony THE ROOT CHAKRA (Muladhara) is at the base of the spine, near the perineum.  It is often shown in pictures as a four-petal red lotus, so the colour corresponding to it is red. If the Muladhara does not function properly, it can escalate into illnesses connected to the spine, bones, teeth, anus, colon or prostate.

THE SACRAL OR SEXUAL CHAKRA (Svadhishthana) is located below the navel, and it fills up our reproductive system with energy. Its symbol is a six-petal lotus with a growing Moon in it. Its colour is orange. This chakra is responsible for our sexual energy and our vitality. Besides the womb and genitals it also distributes energy to the kidneys and the bladder.

THE NAVEL OR SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (Manipura) is situated near the navel. It is represented with a ten-petal yellow lotus with a downward-pointing red triangle in it. We receive energy from the Sun through this chakra, and this energy fills up our whole body. It is responsible for the energy flow into the digestive system, liver, spleen and the gall bladder.  It has an important role in the fulfilment of our personal desires and in our relationships.

THE HEART CHAKRA (Anahata) is located in the centre of the chest at the heart level.  Its symbol is a 12-petal green flower with two intersecting triangles in it. No wonder that we always say that love is in our heart. The heart chakra, however, is not only the symbol of our feelings and emotions; it is also responsible for being well-balanced. It is associated with the heart, lungs, middle part of the spine, skin as well as with our sensing.

THE THROAT CHAKRA (Visuddha) is located in the region of neck and shoulders, and is symbolised with a 16-petal blue or turquoise lotus with a Half Moon in a white circle in it. It is easy to guess that this chakra is the energy centre of our ability to communicate. If the energy flow is disrupted here, it influences not only our self-expression and independent thinking, but it can also lead to disruptions in the energy transfer to the thyroid, neck, jaws, ears, oesophagus, trachea and the upper part of the lungs.

THE BROW CHAKRA (Ajna) is located at the brow, above the base of the nose.  Its colour is indigo and is symbolised with a two-petal lotus-flower. This chakra is responsible for the energy flow into our nervous system, face, eyes and cerebellum. Due to its role and its location it is also called the third-eye chakra. With this chakra, we can see beyond the visible world, into other dimensions.

Symbolised with a thousand-petal lotus flower, THE CROWN CHAKRA (Sahasrara) is situated at the crown.  Its colour is violet. Its role is considered to be even more important than of the others, since it supports a higher mental state, the reaching and maintaining of a clear state of consciousness. This chakra supports our empathy and religious identity, and it supports the cerebrum and the skull plates with energy.

The lower three chakras connect us to the Earth, to the physical world. The top three ones are the link between us and the spiritual world, and the higher being, and the gateway to the soul, the heart chakra operates as a link between the lower and upper chakras.

Disruptions in the seven chakra, disruptions in the body and soul

Chakras form a complex energy network, and in an ideal case energy flows smoothly within the system. However, when the balance is disrupted, it can lead to problems both on the spiritual and physical level. The goal of seven chakra healing is to restore smooth energy flow in the system.

The free flow of energy can be disrupted even by the smallest everyday problems. These can be some unspoken words, words that we regret, thoughts and feelings. We could not avoid these things even if we wanted to: they belong to us; they are parts of our lives. Pema Chödrön once said that “feelings like disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, resentment, anger, jealousy, and fear, instead of being bad news, are actually very clear moments that teach us where it is that we’re holding back.”

“What we think, we become,” said Buddha. Negative feelings, stress and anxiety (no matter to what extent they are present) can block the energy flow. Chakras do not work properly in these cases: they spin in the wrong directions or get blocked, and sooner or later the energy flow gets permanently blocked in them. The impact of our spiritual well-being on the occurrence of certain diseases is also acknowledged in western medicine. Those weakened by stress can more easily catch the flu or even develop cancer.

Perhaps the most pleasant way of cleaning, healing and restoring your seven chakras is to use all the colours of the seven chakra in the treatment. It is known that colours have a major impact on our state of mind or our mood - let alone using them in combination with crystal therapy. Rock crystals can multiply the intensity and power of colours and then pass them on to the chakras suffering from energy deficiency. The result will be chakras filled up with chakra crystals

How to dissolve blockages with crystal therapy

Chacrys crystal beds are handmade of organic materials, and by utilizing the energy transfer ability of rock crystals, they create harmony between body and soul. The energy of the light coming from the crystals fills the chakras up with energy and harmonises them. By opening up energy channels they help you make contact with your innermost self. Would you like to focus on a single chakra? Choose a single light and fill up the chakra that needs energy the most. You can also opt for all lights being on at the same time, so that life-giving light reaches each chakra. Give it a try and experience how Chacrys crystal beds open the way for energy to reach your seven chakra! 

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