The Chacrys crystal pyramid combines the beneficial effects of pyramids and crystals. Pyramids, which were often used even in ancient times, help us create harmony in our environment and in our inner world alike. The flower of life, depicted at the base, and the Vogel crystal embedded in the tip make up a unique system and boost the energy transfer capacity of the pyramid.

Chacrys Crystal pyramid

Creating harmony with pyramids

It was already known in ancient times that pyramids can utilize the Earth’s magnetic field. How does that work? The pyramids located in the desert face north. This way they absorb the Earth’s magnetic energy and can transfer it to the surroundings.

The specially cut Vogel crystal combined with the pyramid amplifies energy and is able to refill living organisms with it as well as to enhance their energy flow. Similarly to Vogel crystals, the angle of the pyramid is also 52 degrees. This combination makes the shape absorb and transfer energy even more efficiently.

Like our other products, the Chacrys Crystal Pyramid has also been designed with great care and attention. We use only natural materials and the highest quality crystals. This guarantees that our pyramids are as beneficial for your body and mind as possible.

Not only do Chacrys Crystal Pyramids have a positive effects on your home and your general well-being, they can also be used to keep food fresh for longer time, to improve the structure and consequently the quality of your drinking water and to charge your crystals.