Complaint order of Chacrys s.r.o.

1.General provisions and definitions

a. This Complaint Procedure has been processed in accordance with the Civil Code as amended (hereafter “the Act”) and applies to consumer goods (hereinafter referred to as “the Goods”) for which the Buyer’s rights under fault liability (hereinafter referred to as ” Complaints “).

b. “Seller” is the business of Chacrys s.r.o, Svätojánska 060/14 945 01 Komárno Slovakia Company ID code: 50337254. “Buyer” is an entity that has concluded a Purchase Agreement with the Seller.

2. Warranty conditions

a. If the Goods show obvious errors, i. especially if the Goods are sold to the Buyer in a damaged transport package, the Buyer is entitled not to take the Goods. In such a case, the Buyer retains the right to provide the Seller with due performance or to refund the purchase price at the Buyer’s option.

The warranty does not apply to mechanical damage to goods by the buyer, the use of goods in unresponsive, inappropriate conditions, improper handling, neglect of the care of the goods, improper assembly, incorrect handling and use of the goods, improper handling of the goods, improper installation. Authorization for a free warranty service also expires in case of improper installation, unprofessional commissioning, improper handling of the goods or any undue interference with the goods during the warranty period other than the authorized person. The seller also reserves the right not to refund the money for such goods and the right not to transfer it for other goods. All warranty repairs are in the event that the right to claim under the preceding item has not been forfeited until the time of their application.

c. The duration of the warranty period is governed by the applicable provisions of the Act, thus it takes 24 months, with the exceptions provided by the Act.

d. Buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract in all cases provided by the Law. Withdrawal is effective against the Seller from the moment he receives a written declaration of the Buyer of withdrawal.

In the event of withdrawal, the contract is terminated from the outset and the parties are obliged to return everything they have provided on the basis of the contract.

3. Claim Complaints

a. Complaints apply at Seller’s headquarters.

b. In the event that the Buyer assumes his right and requires the removal of the defect of the Goods by repair and in the warranty card, for the purposes of warranty repairs, the Buyer is entitled to a different entity as the Seller whose place of business is in the same place as the Buyer or Buyer. for a warranty repair with the entity listed in the warranty card.

c. In the event that a warranty claim can not be applied to an entity other than a vendor, it will ensure the vendor’s warranty service. On the date of receipt of the complaint, the seller shall issue to the buyer proof of receipt of a goods claim in which he accurately identifies defects of the goods in accordance with the provisions of Section 18 5 of the Consumer Protection Act. After furnishing the complaint, the seller informs the buyer by e-mail, and at the same time delivers by email or by registered mail a written proof of the equipment’s claim (the complaint log) within 30 days of the date of the complaint.

d. Furthermore, the Buyer is entitled to require a warranty repair at authorized service centers listed in the Tender Documents, or to notify the Buyer by email or telephone at the Buyer’s request.

e. The seller decides on the claim immediately, in complex cases within 3 business days. In justified cases, especially if a complex technical assessment of the product condition is required, no later than 30 days after the date of the claim. Upon expiry of this period, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract or has the right to exchange the product for a new product.

Seller is required to process a complaint and terminate the claim in one of the following ways:

(a) handing over the repaired goods,

(b) the exchange of goods

c) by returning the purchase price of the goods with a bank transfer to the buyer’s bank account

(d) payment of an appropriate discount on the price of the goods,

(e) a duly substantiated refusal of the goods claim.

f. In the situation when the Goods must be sent to the Seller or the Service Center, the Buyer acts in such a way that the Goods are packed in suitable packaging, which is sufficiently protected and satisfies the requirements for transportation of fragile Goods and marks the consignment by the respective symbols.

g. If the goods claimed are delivered by post or courier to the address of the company’s headquarters, the person responsible will take over the goods, check the consignment, documentation (invoice, cash box, packaging); the decisive date of the complaint is the date of receipt from the courier or postman. We recommend that you insure the goods. We do not collect the consignments

h. The Responsible Person is fully responsible for monitoring the timing of the complaint in accordance with the relevant provisions of Act no. 250/2007 Z.z. on consumer protection and the Civil Code and immediate contact of the customer about the provision of complaints within the statutory deadline by e-mail, SMS, recommended worksheet.

i. The Service Center promptly asks the Buyer by telephone, e-mail or otherwise agreed with the Buyer to take over the repaired Goods and the Complaint Protocol, respectively. the goods will be delivered to the Buyer in the form of a registered shipment by mutual agreement with the Complaint Protocol.

j. Any visit of a service technician to the Buyer requires that a report on the detected malfunctions and the form of their removal be made. Without such a protocol, a visit to a service technician is not considered.

k. The entitlement to warranty expires in the event of improper installation or improper commissioning of the Goods as well as in the case of improper handling of the Goods.

4. Final provisions

a. In the event of any claim, the Buyer of the Buyer informs the Seller of the claim and agrees with it in the most appropriate form of complaint procedure. The Seller will offer the Buyer, in consideration of the nature of the claim, for a service technician to visit him and repair any defects in the Goods to be made at the site of any installation, at the Buyer, or to recommend the Cargo to the Service Center.

b. This Complaint Rules shall take effect on 24 May 2016.Amendments to the Complaint Rules are reserved.

In case you want to complain, please contact us.


The warranty period for the goods is 24 months from the date of conclusion of the purchase contract, unless another warranty period for specific goods is stipulated and commences from the date of receipt of the goods and confirmation of the necessary documents related to the goods by the authorized person. The guarantee period of 24 months is valid for the sale of goods for private use [§ 620 par. 1 of the Civil Code]. If the buyer is an entrepreneur and the product buys for business, the warranty period is governed by the manufacturer’s warranty conditions in accordance with Section 429 2 of the Commercial Code.

The warranty period is extended by the period during which the buyer could not use the goods for warranty repair of the goods.

In the case of a replacement of the goods, the buyer will receive the document on which the goods will be replaced. Any further claims will be claimed based on the original delivery note and this claim form. In case of replacement of goods, the warranty period starts to run from the date of receipt of the new goods, but only for new goods.

All warranty claims applied by the law are free of charge.