Want to Open Your Chakras? Try These 9 Techniques!

chakraAre you feeling off?

You want to be thriving, but instead, you are just juggling life and feel far from your optimal level. Perhaps you are tired or stressed. Maybe you are dealing with physical health issues or emotional struggles. Chances are your chakra is blocked. Energy in your body is not flowing properly and creating all sorts of difficulties. Don’t worry, by using 9 easy, yet powerful techniques to open and balance your chakras, you can regain vitality, energy, peace, clarity, health, and happiness in your life.

What Are Your Chakras?

Your chakras are the centers in your body in which energy flows through. When any of your chakras are blocked it creates an imbalance and a lack of free flow in your system that can lead to physical, emotional, and spiritual health issues. A Simple Guide to Your Chakras Your root chakra is located at the base of your spine in the tailbone area. It represents the feeling of being grounded and represents survival issues, including food and money. Your sacral chakra is in the area of your lower abdomen. It represents your connection and ability to accept new experiences and those around you, your well-being, sexuality, pleasure, and abundance. Your solar plexus chakra is in your upper abdomen region. It is related to your self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. Your heart chakra is located in the center of your chest. It represents your ability to love, inner peace, and joy. Your throat chakra is in your throat region. It is related to your ability to communicate and the self-expression of your feelings. Your third eye is located between your eyes on your forehead. It represents your ability to focus, intuition, imagination, ability to see the big picture, wisdom, and ability to make big decisions. Your crown chakra is your highest chakra located at the very top of your head. It is related to your ability to be fully connected spiritually and to experience pure bliss.

Are Chakras Real?

Chakras were first described in Hindu scriptures and the Vedas. Since then and throughout history, people have benefited from practices to balance their chakras. But your chakras aren’t like your organs. They are not fixed and visible things that doctors can touch and examine. So are they scientifically proven? Chakras haven’t been scientifically proven yet, but the energy existing within you has been. However, the notion that “everything is energy” is a scientifically proven fact widely accepted in quantum physics. This idea of the ever-flowing energy is the basis of the chakra-theory and chakra-balancing techniques. In the mid-90s Konstantin Korotkov, at St. Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies used the idea of Chinese meridians to develop a scientific device called GDV that can measure bio-energy in your body noting energy centers that correlate with well-being and different functions of the body. There have also been countless studies on how raising your consciousness and practices such as yoga, meditation, reiki, gratitude, and using crystals can open up your chakras to benefit your physical and emotional health. Whether you believe in chakras full-heartedly, are skeptical, or find yourself in between, your health and well-being can benefit from practices that can open up your chakras. If you want more balance, inner-peace, health, and happiness in your life, you must try these techniques.

9 Ways to Open Up Your Chakras


Meditation is a powerful way to connect with your spirit and ask your higher self for guidance. It is a fantastic method to stay in the present, release negative or trapped energy and unwanted blockages, to invite new and positive energy, and to balance your chakras. While any form of meditation is a wonderful practice to open up your chakras, specific guided meditations to activate your chakras are the best.


Yoga is a fantastic way to open up your body and, as a result, to open up and balance your chakras. Different poses have different benefits. The camel post, for example, can balance your heart and your throat chakra at the same time. A regular yoga practice can do wonder to bring balance back to your mind, body, and soul. TaiChi and QiGong are similarly beneficial practices opening your chakras and balancing your energy.

Mantras and Affirmations

Mantras are a fantastic way to open yourself up to unconditional love and compassion. You can use them during meditation or throughout your day repeating them out loud or in your mind. You may use Sanskrit words or come up with your own mantras. Like mantras, positive affirmations can increase positive energy in your body. Use affirmations that you need the most. You can repeat your affirmations out loud, in your mind, or even write them down. The combination of all is the most powerful.

Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is a powerful tool to clear your mind from negative chatter. Put yourself in a relaxed state sitting on a cushion or laying on a comfortable bed, or better yet, on some green grass in nature. Visualize images and colors that represent love and happiness for you. Bring yourself to a happy place. Visualize a heart blessing or a flower opening for each of your chakras.

Breathing Deeply

When done with intention, deep and conscious breaths can restore your chakras as well. Each inhales directs energy to your chakra, while each exhale allows awareness to settle into your chakras. This practice can open up your chakras and bring harmonic balance back to your mind, body, and soul.


Keeping grudges, anger, regret, grief and not letting go of past hurts can cause a lot of blockages in the ever-flowing energy within you, in particular in your heart chakra. Forgive. Let go. Journaling, rituals, a good cry, movement, time in nature, meditation, and yoga can help your journey to forgiveness. Seeking professional help from a counselor or coach can be beneficial as well. Remember, when you close one chapter, it allows a new door to open up.


Practicing gratitude can instantly raise your vibration and open your chakras as a result. A gratitude practice can attract more abundance, happiness, health, peace, love, meaningful relationships, and other positive attributes into your life. Upon waking, visualize all the things you are grateful for in your life. Keep a gratitude journal and list at least three things each evening you were grateful for that day. Find a gratitude accountability-buddy and share your daily gratitude with each other. Take a few moments throughout the day to be grateful for the small things.


Each of your chakras represents a different vibration and releases a different color. Your root chakra represents red, your sacral chakra is orange, your solar plexus is yellow, your heart chakra is green, your throat chakra is blue, your third eye is indigo, and your crown chakra represents violet. You can balance your chakras by wearing appropriate colors, chakra colored bracelets, burning colorful candles (eg. green candles for your heart chakra), or laying under a Chacrys crystal bed that uses chakra colored lights.


Crystals and gemstones offer an easy and natural way to open your chakras, ignite the natural flow of energy within you, and balance your mind, body, and soul. Amethysts is a fantastic stone for your crown chakra, sodalite for your third eye, chrysocolla for your throat chakra, rose quartz for your heart chakra, citrine for your solar plexus, carnelian for your sacral chakra, and hematite is beneficial for your root chakra. If you are looking for a crystal that can benefit all your chakras balancing your entire body, mind, and soul, you must choose Vogel crystals. Vogel crystals are pure, natural rock crystals that can restore, regulate, and balance energy flow in your body helping you to recharge and regenerate.Chacrys crystal beds and Chacrys minis combine the natural healing powers of crystals and modern technology. It is an intensive crystal therapy that also uses colors corresponding to each chakra to create harmony between your body, mind, and soul. Using Chacrys crystal beds can lead to an overall feeling of relaxation, peace, calm, warmth, more clarity, and connection with your innermost self. Chacrys crystal beds are made of wood and organic material to bring you even closer to nature. Using Chacrys crystal therapy regularly can not only open up and balance your chakras, but help you feel more positive, relaxed, centered, balanced, calmer, happier, and healthier. Chacrys crystals can truly transform your life. Don’t hesitate, try them today.

Which chakra opening techniques do you already practice? Have you ever tried crystal therapy or Chacrys crystal products? Share your experiences with us, we would love to hear your stories.


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