By utilizing the energy transfer ability of rock crystals, Chacrys crystal bed therapy creates harmony between the body and the soul. Its use on a daily basis makes people well-balanced and vital. Using wood together with rock crystals in building our devices symbolises durability, the fact that we are closer to nature once again and our return to our innermost self.

crystal bed 45 degree moving heads

How do the Chacrys crystal bed work?

Our Crystal bed contains seven Vogel crystals, which are quartz crystals shaped to a kabbalah shape, cut and polished to 12 sides. Thanks to this shape,
the crystals are able to focus the light that is passing through them and to transfer the vibration of the crystals directly to the chakras. This process works well, because Vogel crystals are like natural lasers and the special light beam enters them in a 52-degree receiving angle, which is the same angle as the one of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The arrangement of atoms in crystals and their vibration is identical to the sacred geometry symbol, the flower of life, which shows the perfection of creation in a geometric structure that can be found in our own cells as well. So the vibration coming from the quartz crystals is beneficial for the human body.  That is why the experiences with the crystal bed are so transcendental.

Each Chacrys Crystal bed is made for you with great care. All of our products are handmade. We select the clearest crystals for our devices so that they can transfer energy to the highest extent.

Crystal bed control panel with 9 programs
The device has the following
30-minute programs

1. All lights are on providing a smooth, even energy flow to each chakra.

2. You can select a single colour and that light will be on for 30 minutes.

3. The seven lights turn on one after another, each for three minutes. At the end of the program all of them are on for 9 minutes.

4. The seven lights turn on one after another for five seconds each.


If you need more time to relax and fill up with energy,
choose from the following
45-minute programs

1. All lights are on simultaneously filling up your body with energy.

2. A single beam is on pointing at a certain chakra filling it up with energy.

3. The seven lights turn on one after another. At the end of the program all of them are on for 9 minutes.

4. The seven lights turn on one after another for five seconds each.

Mari the practitioner
Our customers say:

„I’ve been dealing with pranic healing for years. I wanted to open a massage business in a small town on the German-Dutch border. When I got to know about Chacrys I knew it would lend my facility unique added value. I was right: all my clients love Chacrys.”

assembling chacrys crystal bed