Dear buyers,

in order for your order, we need information about your personal data. These processed in ac-cordance with the Act. 122/2013 Coll. Personal Data Protection, as amended, and will be used solely to process your order and our other communications with you.

• The Internet shop operator
• The operator of the information system, the company:

Business name: Chacrys s.r.o.
reg .: Commercial Register in Bratislava 1, Sec. sro
Address: 306/14 Svätojánska
Tax: 50337254
VAT: 2120290315
Tel .: 0908 480 728

(Hereinafter “operator”)

• The purpose of processing personal data
• The operator processes personal data in order to:
• conclusion of the sales contract or a contract for work with the buyer through an online store or other appropriate means and carry out obligations under this Treaty and the laws of general application,
• line loyalty program for customers
• realizing marketing activities.
• The operator processes personal data of buyers in particular to the following purposes:
• Registration on the website
• purchase them through an online store
• order confirmation,
• purchase contract or contract work
• tax receipt for the payment of the purchase price of the goods ordered or prices for services rendered in accordance with the Act. 222/2004 Coll. on Value Added Tax, as amended,
• Delivery of ordered goods to the destination specified by the buyer and the transfer to the be-neficiary,
• Evidence of buyers for administrative purposes;
• Evidence order to deal with any complaint,
• rewarding customer loyalty.
• Marketing activities
• information on events, news and discounts.

• List of personal data processing
• The operator processes personal data of data subjects to the extent specified in the relevant legislation, contracts and other documents of the operator to the extent that they will be personal data provided by the documents, letters and announcements, or to phone calls or electronic communication between the operator and the buyer .
• controller processes especially following personal data of data subjects:
• name and surname,
• residence
• contact details (tel. No., E-mail)
• Bank account number,
• information about orders.
• In case the controller processes personal data of other persons concerned, as specified in Art. 3 ods. 2) these conditions, the processing of personal data processed in the extent necessary to fulfill the obligations of the purchase contract, contract for work or the laws of general applica-tion.

• The voluntary provision of personal data
• The buyer provides the operator your personal data on a voluntary basis in order to fulfill its obligations under the Treaty and the laws of general application.
• The operator processes personal data of data subjects for longer than is necessary to fulfill their duties under the contract and the laws of general application.
• The operator processes personal data of data subjects for the purpose of a loyalty program and marketing purposes with the consent of the person concerned in accordance with § 11 of the Act. no. 122/2013 Coll. on Protection of Personal Data as amended legislation. The data subject signifies his agreement to the processing of personal data when registering on the website or other appropriate means. The person concerned gives consent to the processing of personal data indefinitely. This consent may be revoked at any time in writing. The consent shall expire within one month from receipt of the appeal to the seller and the purchaser’s data will then be deleted.

• Providing and making available personal data
• The operator of the online store provides personal data to a third party buyers only to the extent necessary to meet its obligations under the Treaty and the laws of general application.
• The operator declares that, in accordance with § 15. 1 point. b / APPD processes personal data of the buyer for the purposes stated in the preceding paragraphs of these general business conditions through these intermediaries:

-Slovak Mail, Inc., headquartered Banská Bystrica Partizánska cesta 9, ID 36631124, Slovak Republic,
ALLPACK Logistics Ltd.
Head (mailing address, address for customer): Špitálska 2905 Komárno 945 01
ID: 48172677
UID: 2120086826
– Slovak Parcel Service Ltd.
Head: Senecká cesta 1, 900 28 Ivanka pri Dunaji
ID: 31329217
UID: 2020351993
VAT: SK 2020351993
Registered in the Commercial Register of District Court Bratislava I, Section Sro. File No. 3215 / B

• Operator provides personal information about buyers carrier for the purpose of delivery.
• Operator provides personal data cooperating commercial companies providing financial loans (eg. Cetelem Slovakia SpA)
• The operator is authorized to provide personal data processed with the consent of the person concerned for the purposes of marketing and loyalty program to a third party in order to improve the quality of provision of goods and services and increase customer satisfaction.
• Operator disclose personal information to any third party except where necessary to meet the obligations under the contract and the laws of general application.

• Disclosure of personal data
• The operator does not disclose personal information about buyers.
• refer to the right of the person concerned
• The person is entitled, upon written request to require the
• confirm whether or not personal data processed by it,
• a generally intelligible form information on the processing of personal data in the information system in the scope of § 15 paragraph. 1 point. a) to e) second to sixth point feeling. Act .; When granting the person concerned is entitled to learn the process of processing and evaluating operations
• a generally intelligible form accurate information about the source from which it got its personal data processing,
• a generally intelligible form list of the personal data that are subject to processing,
• correction or destruction of their incorrect, incomplete or outdated personal data which are subject to processing,
• destruction of his personal data the purpose of the processing is finished; if the subject of offi-cial documents containing personal data may request a refund,
• destruction of his personal data subject to processing in case of violation of the law,
• blocking of his personal data due to withdrawal of consent before the expiry date of its validity, if the controller processes personal data with the consent of the person concerned
• Right of the claimant under paragraph 1. e) and f) sense. Act. may be restricted only if such restriction results from a special law or its application would undermine the protection of the person concerned or would violate the rights and freedoms of others.
• The person upon written request, has the right to object to the
• the processing of his personal data, which implies that they are or will be processed for direct marketing purposes without his consent, and call for their destruction,
• use of personal data contained in § 10 para. 3 point. d) feeling. Act. for direct marketing pur-poses in the postal system, or
• Provision of personal data referred to in § 10 para. 3 point. d) feeling. Act. for direct marketing purposes.
• The person upon written request in person or, if the matter is urgent, the operator has the right at any time to object to the processing of personal data in cases pursuant to § 10 para. 3 point. a), e), f) or g) cit. Act. saying legitimate reasons or by submitting evidence of infringement of his rights and legitimate interests that are or may be in a particular case such processing of personal data is damaged; Unless prevented by legal reasons and it is established that the objection of the person concerned is authorized, the operator is obliged to personal data processing which the person concerned has objected without delay, block and destroyed as soon as circumstances permit.
• The person concerned shall, upon written request or in person if the matter is urgent, it also has the right to an operator at any time to object and refuse to submit decision, which would have legal effects on him or significant impact if a decision is made solely on the basis of automatic processing her personal data. The person concerned has the right to request the operator to review the decision issued by a method other than the automatic processing, whereas the operator is obliged to satisfy the request of the person concerned, so that the decisive role in reviewing a decision will have an authorized person; on how to investigation and results of the operator shall notify the person within the period pursuant to § 29 paragraph. Three cit. Act. The person concerned does not have this right only if so provided by a special law, which are go-verned by measures to ensure the legitimate interests of the person concerned or if, in the con-text of pre-contractual relations or during the existence of contractual relations operator issued a decision which meets the requirements of the person concerned, or where operator under con-tract take any other adequate measures to ensure that the legitimate interests of the person concerned.
• If the person concerned exercises his right
• writing and content of the application shows that exercising their rights, the application shall be deemed to be filed under this Act; an application submitted by e-mail or fax delivered to the per-son concerned in writing within three days from the date of dispatch,
• personally verbally in the minutes, of which it must be clear who has exercised the right, what is at issue and when, and who shall keep minutes of its signature and signature of the person concerned; copy of the minutes, an operator shall submit to the person,
• the intermediary pursuant to a) or subparagraph b), it is required that the request or submit the minutes to the operator without undue delay.
• the data subject suspects that his personal data are processed without authorization, be lodged at the office for a preliminary ruling on the protection of personal data.
• If the person does not have legal capacity in full, his rights may be exercised by his legal rep-resentative.
• If the person is deceased, his rights to be under this Act may apply loved one.
• The person is obliged to provide only truthful personal information. For untrue personal data shall, in accordance with § 16 paragraph. 1 of the Act. no. 122/2013 Coll. Personal Data Protec-tion, as amended, the legislation whoever give the information system.

• Responsibilities of
• Operator is not responsible for misuse of personal data to third parties, which is to get this per-sonal information without authorization.
• The liability of the operator for violation of various provisions of the Act. no. 122/2013 Coll. Personal Data Protection, as amended, the legislation is governed by the provisions of this Act.