What can it be used for and how does it work?

One of the main benefits of Chacrys Crystal Beds is that the therapy gives you a unique transcendental experience, which is a deep spiritual journey inside you. Attending a session with the right intention can be a catalyst to change your life, reach a higher level consciousness or even find your life path. This process happens thanks to the kabbalah shaped quartz crystals, which allow light to pass through them, so that they transfer the crystals vibration in a focused round point to your seven chakras.


Be unique with Chacrys!

Chacrys Crystal bed


Chacrys Crystal Beds will give your clients the most unique crystal therapy experience. The energy from rock crystals creates harmony within all chakras, relieves mental blocks, and deepens our meditations, which help us to get to know our innermost selves, to gain insight into the mental causes of or illnesses and the secrets of our journey through life.


Chacrys Mini


We made Chacrys Mini for those who would like to enjoy the freedom of being able to use Chacrys any time and anywhere and are too busy to visit their therapist, or like to meditate outdoors.
Vogel crystal
  • gives you a transcendental experience,
  • channels information to you,
  • helps you find answers to your questions,
  • helps you to get a view in your life path,
  • helps you raise your consciousness,
  • makes your meditation deeper,
What has Chacrys given to me?

I had a feeling in my heart that my mission is to deliver the concept of the crystal bed to as many people in the world as possible in order to help others...